How do you protect your baby from waves with baby monitors? Babymoov is rooting for low power emissions

Low emission is the solution for a sane baby sleep

A parent always have to check on their baby when she/he is asleep. A baby monitor is the perfect solution to be sure to hear the baby crying or waking up. Some parents even want to see the baby with a video monitor. Hopefully, Babymoov designed and created baby monitors to make sure baby's find. Our audio and video monitors are made for you to make sure baby's sleeping well, but also to assure a low emission activity on the baby's brain.

Digital technology for your baby

To protect your baby, Babymoov developed products that limit the exposure of your child to electromagnetic waves. Calm and healthy life is the way to go!

Babymoov's video and audio baby monitors: the lowest emission monitors on the market

Cellphones, WiFi, baby monitors... all these devices emit waves around your baby. With their developing brain, babys are more likely to be hurt by all these electromagnetic waves. It can absord 50% more waves than an adult's brain. That is why we developed the lowest emission baby monitors on the market.

How to protect your baby from electromagnetic waves? Babymoov's tips

  • Avoid baby monitors continuously transmitting
  • The baby monitor should not be too close to the baby's head
  • Unplug electrical equipment when it is not used
  • Make sure your wifi and mobile phones are turned off during the night when not used