Digital Humidifier

The perfect humidifier to ensure baby can breathe comfortably

  • A built in hygrometer and thermometer to monitor the right humidity and temperature level
  • A cool and healthy mist at 360°
  • Programmable: choose the humidity rate from 30% to 90% at a specific time
  • Nightlight function included
  • Can diffuse essential oils
Warranty for life

This product is warranty for life by Babymoov*

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Indoor Air Quality: our prime concern for babies’ well-being!

A right and balanced humidity level is essential for your baby. The Babymoov digital humidifier not only helps you in maintaining the room’s correct humidity level but it also helps you monitor the humidity level and temperature thanks to the built in hygrometer and thermometer.

Thanks to its ultrasonic system the Babymoov humidifier produces a healthy and cool mist at 360° (rotating steam outlet). You can even choose the humidity rate (from 30% to 90%) and the starting time you desire. In addition, our digital humidifier features 2 essential functions: a nightlight (red or blue LEDs) and a diffuser of essential oils.

Because the comfort of baby is our priority, Babymoov is unveiling a well-being range to ensure calm nights for baby. Pollution, temperature, humidity... discover all our baby's well-being article!

Why you'll love it

  • Display time, temperature and humidity rates
  • Program the perfect humidity level at the desired time
  • Automatic adjustment from 30% to 90% humidity
  • Rotating (360°) and adjustable output of cold mist (ultrasonic)
  • Quiet operation
  • Night light function with red or blue LEDs (on/off)
  • Automatic shutt off when the water level is too low (blinking signal)
  • Running time: from 8 to 22 hours (depends on control)
  • Diffuser of essential oils
  • Baby's protection: button can be blocked
  • Lifetime warranty

How to use 

  • Suitable from room size 24 square metre
  • Can be used from birth
  • 68oz water tank
  • Visible water level
  • Recommend to clean weekly with white vinegar

Technical features

  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 10 inc
  • Capacity : 68oz
  • Power: 220V - 240V - 0Hz

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