Ideal for ensuring the perfect position to baby

  • Designed with healthcare professionals' recommendations
  • Ensures optimal safety for baby when he's lying on his back
  • Prevents the risk of suffocation
  • Memory foam for optimal comfort
  • Soft and breathable material

Why you will love the Babymoov Cosydream 

  • Perfect position for baby: back support and raised legs
  • Head support for a nice and round head
  • Memory foam for optimum comfort
  • Adjustable positioning roll according to Baby’s size
  • Ultra-soft, breathable fabric

Sleep is crutial

After nine months spent in a womb, babies can easily be disturbed by new surroundings. Moving from a foetal position in which they feel protected and safe to a stretched out position, brings new sensations that can disrupt sleep and development. 

For Peaceful Nights

The Cosydream adapts to your baby’s body shape thanks to its memory foam matteress. The head support will keep Baby’s head nice and round. The microbead positioning roll provides perfect back support and raises Baby’s legs. The “foetal position” offers the same sensations as the mother’s womb. Also, the ultra-soft, breathable materials makes Baby feel safe while providing offering comfort.

Technical Features

  • Machine Washable at 30° - If the Cosydream doesn't have any cover, it means you can wash the whole Cosydream in the washing machine at 30°
  • Outside : cotton / Polyester
  • Inside : 100% Polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 23  x 15 x 3 inch

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