Lovenest Pink

Ref A050222

A ergonomic head support helps prevent flat head syndrome

  • Ergonomic head support developed by a peadiatrician to help prevent flat-head syndrom
  • Unique shape and special angle of incline designed to distribute pressure evenly limits the concentration on the back of the head
  • Soft cotton fabric
  • Can be used from birth in bassinet, swing, bouncer, stroller, high chair
  • Machine washable

Developed by French paediatrician

Developped bu the Dr Manuel Maidenberg, the Lovenest is an ergonomic head support that keeps baby’s head nice and round. Its angle of incline and special shape are suited to the shape of an infant’s skull (much more elongated than an adult’s), while at the same time ensuring an even distribution of pressure across baby’s head. The Lovenest also offers real support without restricting freedom of movement. It can be used from birth, in a lounger, carrycot or pushchair.

Why you will love the Lovenest

  • Angle of incline and special shape ensure an even distribution of pressure over the infant’s skull and keep their head nice and round 
  • Developed by French paediatrician Dr Manuel Maidenberg 
  • Can be used from pregnancy: fits loungers, bouncers, carrycots, car seats and pushchairs 
  • Breathable fabric, ideal for ensuring good ventilation during baby’s sleep
  • 100% ultra-soft cotton

Technical features

  • Cotton and elastane
  • Foam filling
  • 24 x 23 x 3 cm
  • Available in different colours: pink, blue, smokey, taupe, red

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