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Live Open Innovation

"Made for real life !"*

Products created for you, with you

Ever since it was founded, Babymoov has always put innovation at the heart of our development, with one goal in mind: create, innovative products that make life easier for new parents. Nothing can replace experience and real life needs, Babymoov works with parents on its unique innovative process known as Live Open Innovation, which puts the user/parent at the heart of our product development!

Lots of co-creations

It is with you, young and future moms and midwives, that we have created our new pregnancy range "9 months of b" dedicated to the pregnancy comfort. The unique and innovative pegnancy sleeping aid, Dream Belt, has already been rewarded by the big prize of infuencers, in the "sleeping" category during the big e-fluent fair in Paris. More than this example, many other Babymoov products have been co-created with you!

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