Lifetime Warranty

  • How do I register a product eligible for lifetime warranty?

    Click on the “lean more and register my product for lifetime warranty” section of our site www.service-babymoov.com and let us guide you through. Remember to hold onto your proof of purchase in a digital version (scan or photo)

  • I’ve bought multiple Babymoov products. Can I register all of them under one lifetime warranty claim?

    No. A claim is required for each product you wish to register.

  • How much time do I have to register my product from the date of purchase to be eligible for lifetime warranty?

    The product registration to benefit from lifetime warranty needs to be completed within two months of purchase.

  • If my country of residence differs from the country of purchase, which country should I select when registering my Babymoov product for lifetime warranty?

    The lifetime warranty registration of all Babymoov products has to be completed in the country you live in. For example: You live in the United States and bought your product in Canada. The registration for lifetime warranty of your Babymoov product will be completed in the United States. You will then have to select the United States as the country of reference when you register your Babymoov product online.

  • I am unable to scan my receipt / proof of purchase. Can I mail it to you?

    Unfortunately no. Every lifetime warranty registration has to be completed using our online tool.

  • What’s the difference between the legal warranty and the lifetime warranty Babymoov provides?

    The legal warranty may vary based on the state or country you live in. In Europe for example, the European Union has set the legal warranty to two years. This means that any customer who buys a baby product in a physical store or online, automatically benefits from a two-year warranty on their product. In the event of a defect, the customer is invited to contact Babymoov to have their claim taken care of. Please be aware that the duration and scope of this legal warranty may vary from one state/country to the next. The lifetime warranty is not a legal obligation. It’s a service provided by Babymoov in order to ensure the highest satisfaction to its customers. The lifetime warranty takes over when the legal warranty in place in the country the customer lives in expires. (ex: 2 years and 1 day in Europe)

  • Does the lifetime warranty cover all Babymoov products without exception?

    Yes, all Babymoov products are backed by a lifetime warranty. Only consumables included in Babymoov products aren’t (batteries, bulbs…)

  • Is there a fee associated with the lifetime warranty?

    Absolutely not. The lifetime warranty if a complimentary service offered by the Babymoov brand!

  • I received a Babymoov product as a gift but I don’t have the receipt. Can I register for lifetime warranty?

    Unfortunately no. The proof of purchase is the only requirement to enroll your product under Lifetime Warranty. We would ask that the original purchaser provide you with their original receipt or register the gift for Lifetime Warranty in the purchaser's name.

  • I was gifted a Babymoov product and my receipt does not include the price. Can I register for lifetime warranty?

    Yes. The receipt without price or gift receipt is accepted. It’s a valid proof of purchase just like an invoice or a full receipt would be.


  • I bought my Babymoov product off an online flash sales or discount retailer: can I register for lifetime warranty?

    Absolutely! As long as you hold a receipt as proof of purchase from an authorised retailer of Babymoov (Please see our store locator) you meet all the requirements to register for the Babymoov lifetime warranty.

  • The product box refers to a 5-year warranty. What is it exactly?

    We are pleased to let you know that your 5-year warranty has automatically switched to a lifetime warranty.

  • My Babymoov product registered under lifetime warranty was stolen. Are you able to replace it?

    Unfortunately no. The lifetime warranty does not cover lost or stolen items.


  • I have bought my Babymoov product second hand via ebay, facebook marketplace etc. Am I eligible for lifetime warranty?

    No. The lifetime warranty is personal and non-transferrable. It only covers brand new products purchased from an authorised Babymoov retailer, the list of which you can find on our Store Locator, Store Locator UK.

  • I have not received the lifetime warranty registration confirmation. Has my product been registered?

    As indicated during form validation, your lifetime warranty is considered valid by default if the following conditions are met: - registered product eligible for the lifetime warranty - File created within 2 months from the date of purchase of the product indicated on your invoice - complete file with reference to 6 digits of the article, your complete contact details and copy of the proof of purchase as an attachment The files are not consulted as needed. We implement the guarantee of the article and the verification of the conformity of your demand of guarantee with sight also. You will receive more mail if you guarantee that the product is valid or not, on demand, in the following weeks
  • The lifetime warranty registration request of my Babymoov product has been rejected, why?

    The following requirements need to be met to register a product for lifetime warranty: - Register the Babymoov product within 2 months of purchase. – Back the lifetime warranty product registration request with a scan or photo of the proof of purchase. The proof of purchase needs to include the date, location and product name / identifier. Your product registration request must have been incomplete or submitted too late.