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    Organisateur de Poussette

    All your baby's essentials on your stroller!
  • Babymoov

    Aquani 3-in-1 Anti-UV Play Area SPF 50+

    The 3-in-1 play area for protecting, entertaining and keeping your little one cool, wherever you are!
  • Babymoov

    High Protection Anti-UV Tent SPF 50+

    Take the anti-UV tent with you to protect your baby on the beach or in the park!
  • Babymoov

    Baby Beach Tent - Tropical Anti-Uv Tent

    Pop-Up Sun Shelter for baby!
  • Babymoov

    Essential Bag Smokey - Diaper Bag

    Ingenious and Complete Diaper Bag
  • Babymoov

    Traveller Bag Smokey - Diaper Bag

    Ideal as a travel bag or hospital bag!
  • Babymoov


    Pop-Up 3-in-1 Playpen, Activity Gym and Napper for Infants and Toddlers with UV protection
  • Babymoov

    Babyni - Baby Beach Tent & Playpen

    Pop-Up 3-in-1 Playpen, Activity Gym and Napper for baby!
  • Babymoov

    Style Bag Smokey - Trendy Diaper Bag

    Smart and Daily Diaper Bag for Fashionable Moms
  • Babymoov

    Urban Bag - Smokey Diaper Bag

    Perfect Daily Diaper Bag for Moms & Dads
  • Babymoov

    Trendy Bag Black - Diaper Bag

    Stylish & convenient: has all the necessities for a day out with baby!
  • Babymoov


    Le couffin nomade convertible en sac à langer !

Preparing for Your First Outing with Baby

Checklist: what to bring for baby outing?

Feeding baby away, what to pu in your Diaper bag? Find the must-have accessories for baby outing

When you go out with baby, it can feel like going on an adventure! But don't let material details bring you down. Here is all you need to prepare and survive your first baby outing with baby! Babymoov has created a whole range of outdoor equipment so you can enjoy stroll with your baby: convenient diaper bags, beach tents, sun protection, stroller support...