Babymoov Lifetime Warranty

How can I activate it?

1. I’ve purchased my Babymoov product directly from the brand on the Babymoov website.

You’re automatically eligible for lifetime warranty! There is nothing you need to do at this time, you’ve been automatically enrolled as one of our Lifetime Warranty registered clients.


2. I’ve purchased my Babymoov product from an online retailer or from a physical store.

You must register your product within two months of purchase:  online warranty registration

As our mission is to give you a worry-free experience, we put a strong focus on making high-quality and durable products. This commitment translates into the Lifetime Warranty that backs all of our products. Register within two months of purchase.

If you need warranty service, simply contact our Customer Service team and your product will be repaired or replaced if its defect is covered by the warranty.

The Babymoov Lifetime Warranty is free, unique to you and cannot be transferred.

What is covered by the warranty?

The warranty applies, as long as user manual instructions were followed, to any electronic or electric defect, or in the event of a defective component. 

What is not covered by the warranty?

The warranty does not cover consumables (pacifiers, teethers, brushes, batteries…). It does not cover damage that resulted from misuse, poor care, breakage, dropping or impact, or the change of look that doesn’t affect the use of the product (stains, scratches, color change).

The warrant does not cover normal wear and tear of the use of fabrics (fabric worn through from ordinary use, change of color, rips, holes), stitches.

Also excluded from the warranty are items lost, stolen, or any defects that resulted from an external factor. Spare parts are not covered by the lifetime warranty. 

Implementation of the lifetime warranty

In accordance to this warranty, Babymoov offers to repair of the item or the replacement of the product if the defects cannot be repaired. In order to always satisfy our customers, Babymoov constantly refreshes its product selection. In the event when we wouldn’t be able to replace the item by the exact same part, we would offer you a similar product / or one with identical features. If a range change is required, the replacement will be made with a product of equal value. In no circumstances would the lifetime warranty make you eligible for a refund of your detective product.


Every request that falls under the scope of the Lifetime Warranty can be subject to a physical inspection of the product. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping. 

Need help ?

Should you have any questions, reach out to our Customer Service team by email here.