Baby well being

After 9 months spent in Mum's tummy, baby is a lot more sensitive to the quality of the surrounding environment. Learn the right actions to take to improve the air quality and offer ideal conditions for baby to go to sleep!

We don't always realise that the air in our homes is sometimes a lot more polluted than the air outdoors (5 to 10 times more!). Your baby is much more sensitive to the quality of the surrounding environment when growing.

Pollution in baby's bedroom

Unfortunately, pollutants from outdoors and also those specific to confined spaces may be found: in the walls, furniture, decoration or cleaning products. Make sure you select your products carefully!


The ideal temperature for baby is between 64 and 68°F. Above 72°F, there is a risk of mould forming and other unwanted visitors such as mites, which are responsible for many allergies.

Humidity level

The humidity level has an influence on baby's well-being. Factors such as the temperature and the humidity level have repercussions on baby's well-being and encourage the proliferation of mould and mites. The ideal humidity level (also called the hygrometric level) is between 40 and 50%.

If the air is too dry this can cause breathing problems for young children, in particular causing bronchitis, asthma or even nocturnal coughs.

The use of a humidifier will purify the air in the room and reduce dust and pollen in baby's bedroom.

The right actions to take

Air the room!

Airing the room 10 minutes a day, in winter and in summer, is enough to reduce the concentration of pollutants in your home. You should also check your ventilation system regularly to renew the air and ensure continuous generalised circulation of the air.

Choose the right equipment for the bedroom

When growing, baby is more sensitive to the surrounding environment than adults:

  • baby breathes much more often than adults,
  • baby's breathing system is not completely formed,
  • baby's has a fragile immunity system.

Babymoov commits to making baby's bedroom a place of well-being, allowing parents to keep the humidity level ideal using our humidifiers.

Make the right choice!

For the well-being of all the family, you need to choose the right products and be careful when using the following products:

  • Tobacco: It is better to smoke outside. Smoking in another room or opening a window is insufficient,
  • Paint: Avoid exposing young babies or pregnant mothers to wet paint,
  • Household deodorants and fresheners,
  • Domestic insecticides and bactericides.

It is most important to follow the instructions for use and the dosage for household products.